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Jack White’s ‘Love Interruption’ Video Conveniently Arrives on Valentine’s Day

Jack White wants love to do a whole bunch of truly violent, shocking things to him, at least according to the words he sings on his first solo single. The unexpectedly gentle approach of “Love Interruption” should’ve tipped us off to potential ambiguities in these statements. The song’s newly released video continues White’s pleasantly laid-back detour, setting the visceral lyrics to footage of the singer and backing vocalist Ruby Amanfu sharing a solitary microphone. Also appearing in the clip are Emily Bowland on bass clarinet and Brooke Wagonner on electric piano. There’s a look of old-fashioned glamor to the whole proceeding, though it’s long since become unclear at this point whom White more closely resembles, Johny Depp or John Mayer. The point is, dopplengangers aside, “Love Interruption” is (a) a bluesy lovelorn sojourn worth interrupting your Valentine’s Day for and (b) not something that will truly interrupt your Valentine’s Day. Also, we’d really love to hear White interpolating a little bit of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man.”

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