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Hear the Music That Inspired Michael Bastian’s Fall/Winter GANT Collection

Reid Ulrich

During this month’s Fashion Week festivities in New York, Michael Bastian debuted his forthcoming Fall/Winter collection for GANT, set to hit shops later this year. Gone are the near hypercolor, Hawaiian-influenced, ’60s-inspired pieces from last go-round and in their place sits a variety of crisp, smartly layered looks that are firmly rooted in English new wave. It’s a good change of lanes. We’ve assembled a few YouTube snippets of songs that Bastian included in a playlist meant to guide the collection. While the mood — much like the above photo would suggest — is ostensibly mod, there’s a lot more at work here: Bastian’s mixtape seems to have found inspiration in everything from Elvis to No Doubt. Here are a few easy highlights:

The English Beat – “Mirror in the Bathroom”

Joy Division – “Heart and Soul”

Siouxsie and The Banshees – “Kiss Them for Me”

The White Stripes – “Hypnotize”

No Doubt – “Just a Girl”

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