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Hear the Men’s ‘Open Your Heart’ Closer ‘Ex-Dreams’

[Photo: Kevin Faulkner]

On March 6, the Men will become, um, men. That’s when these Brooklyn noise rockers are set to unleash Open Your Heart, the follow-up to the indisputable 15th best album of 2011. SPIN editor-in-chief Steve Kandell, who has been so fortunate as to hear the whole thing, says the Men’s third album in as many years is “so, so good.”

That description is definitely true of just-surfaced Open Your Heart closer “Ex-Dreams,” which should have enough abrasive propulsive to please fans of bands as varied as No Age, Titus Andronicus, and the Constantines. After a chaotic instrumental introduction that careens for a little shy of two minutes, everything cuts out but the scruffy rock’n’roll drums, and the song begins in earnest: anthemic guitar leads, a steadily rising hum, and passionately shouted lyrics about possibly leaving midtown Manhattan for some “Iowa town.” Then everything explodes again in a drunken gutter-punk frenzy. And… well, basically repeat.