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Hear Kendrick Lamar and Gunplay’s Oddball 7-Minute ‘Cartoon & Cereal’

New heat from one of the best rappers breathing: Black Hippy crew member Kendrick Lamar dropped a seven-minute brain melter today with help from hugely underutilized Maybach Music Group member Gunplay, who pops in with his usual, awesome shout raps and “BLAOW” gunfire sounds. He nearly steals this thing from Kendrick with his last breath exultation, “Momma, how much trauma can I sustain!?” Things get way more heavy and tear-stained than you’d expect from a song called “Cartoon & Cereal.”

The track flip-flops from an atmospheric, cartoon-sampled haze until ear-shattering bass and skittering hihats give the two MCs one of the weirdest, mid-’90s Organized Noize sounding beats in recent memory. More of this, please.