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First Spin: Get Pond’s Psychedelic Swim ‘Mystery’


The men of Pond claim their Western Australian outfit was born under a Mulberry tree in Daglish, a suburb of their native Perth. According to press materials, something in its shade inspired them to create “tropical psychedelic music” as heard in their impromptu debut Badminton Bandits (allegedly performed later that same, very fateful day) as well as that of Tame Impala, with whom they share two members. Spend eight seconds with “Mystery,” an oozy, gooey, psychedelic swim from the forthcoming Beard Wives Denim (out March 6 via Modular), and the links to the latter are as clear as they can be. But give yourself over to it in its entirety, and you’ll find these dudes are off in a direction all their own. SPIN is premiering the track here as a download: