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Download ’70s Punk Heroes Avengers’ ‘Teenage Rebel’

Off a new two-CD compilation of formerly out-of-print recordings

The Avengers may not occupy as prominent a place in the history of Bay Area punk as their late ’70s contemporaries like the Dead Kennedys or Flipper, but that’s no fault of their riotous music. Fronted by singer Penelope Houston, the quartet, who opened for the Sex Pistols’ final concert at the Winterland in San Francisco in 1979, put out just a smattering of recordings during its initial run. Luckily on May 15, Water Records is releasing Avengers, a two-CD compilation of formerly out-of-print recordings. The snarling, defiant “Teenage Rebel” comes from the aforementioned collection, and we suggest you clear some space when you listen to it. You might knock something over.