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Diplo Brings Out PO PO’s Best on ‘Let’s Get Away’

Po Po / Photo by Noah Conopask

We’re still slackjawed. For a band whose earlier songwork sounded like it was buried beneath so many bundles of hiss that nuance might never make it out alive, the beat-driven, synth-splashed, arena-ready, prom-night moves of “Let’s Get Away” scans like someone else entirely. But it’s still PO PO, and though it’s been floating around the web since late last year, it figures prominently on the Philadelphians’ long-awaited full-length studio debut, Dope Boy Magick, out this week on Mad Decent. Check out a remix of the cut that finds Diplo, label boss and mentor, tidying up here and there without changing the complexion of the original at all. So when frontman Zeb Malik sings, “I want to be the woman who makes you smile,” you really can hear him. He’s got a great voice.