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Bjork Is Extremely Bjork on ‘Colbert Report’


Last night, a bright-orange-bouffanted Björk visited The Colbert Report on her current tour promoting “her most and least Björk-y” eighth studio album Biophilia, which dropped last October. The record is the world’s first “app album,” and in keeping with the theme of the project, the three-year tour visits science centers around the world, in addition to traditional venues, with the goal of teaching children about music, science, and technology.

Considering his relative sincerity in the interview portion of the show, there just had to have been pre-filming conversations about what Colbert could and could not say to our lady Snarf…but he did manage to ask her if he could lick the album.

In Which Björk and Colbert Discuss the Merits of Physics and Respecting Elves:

In Which Bjork Performs “Cosmogony”: