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Amy Winehouse Coroner Resigned in November, Fate of Singer’s Case Unclear


In October, two months following Amy Winehouse’s death, the coroner presiding over the singer’s inquest and autopsy told the world that the substance-plagued singer had died of “misadventure,” which was brought on by overconsumption of alcohol.

Now, however, it has just come to light that that coroner — assistant deputy coroner Suzanne Greenaway — resigned her post a mere month after making that call, way back in November, following an investigation into her qualifications as a coroner. Does that mean Winehouse case will have to be reopened and examined anew? Officials aren’t saying yet.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Greenaway had previously worked as a solicitor and barrister in Australia, but authorities uncovered she had not served as a registered lawyer in the U.K. for the requisite five years before being appointed by her husband, London Coroner Andrew Reid.

After almost two months, Reid finally made a statement this morning, in which he said that when he appointed his wife, he “believed at the time that her experience… satisfied the requirements of the post,” but apparently he realized that he “had made an error in the appointment process” and “accepted her resignation” in November.

In addition to Winehouse’s case, Greenaway presided over at least 12 inquests between 2009 and last November, according to the report. Though Reid says he’s confident in the integrity of those inquests, he has offered the families of those deceased to reopen the cases.

Winehouse’s family said in a statement that it will seek legal advice and “decide whether further discussion with the authorities is needed.”