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Alabama Shakes Bowl Over Conan in TV Debut


The Alabama Shakes were on our list of 30 Acts You Can’t Miss at CMJ last fall, and so far they’re living up to expectations. Though the Athens, Alabama, blues busters don’t drop their debut full-length Boys and Girls April 10 via ATO, they’ve been touring the West Coast to sold-out crowds, and last night, they naturally had to hit up Conan (they share a mutual pal after all: Jack White).

The group’s performances of “Hold On” (on the broadcast) and “I Ain’t the Same” (as an online-only exclusive) were significantly tamed for television considering frontwoman Brittany Howard usually brings all-out pandemonium to the stage. But Conan seemed especially blown away by her blustery howls.

Later, on Jimmy Kimmel, 50 Cent and R&B crooner Governor took the stage at the Bud Light Hotel in Indianapolis to perform his Bobby Womack-sampling “Wait Until Tonight” from his recent mixtape The Big Ten, which Fiddy told Twitter in November was “gonna be crazy better then most albums this year, trust me lol.” (In case you were wondering, we didn’t trust him lol.) We have to admit, Governor sort of stole the show on this performance, charming the audience of screaming ladies with his explicit croonings about what exactly he was going to do to his woman that night.