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Watch Mary J. Blige’s ‘Mr. Wrong’ Video, Now With 100 Percent More Drake

Same old stripper pole, brand new Canada Dry

This time, Mary J. Blige gets it right. The stoic R&B queen originally released a video for throbbing electro-soul jam “Mr. Wrong” back in December, only that time without the guest performer from the version of the song that appears on latest album My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act I). Showing a magnificently blonde-coiffed Blige, black-clad backup dancers, and (why not?) a stripper pole, the clip was perfect for the Drake-phobic,but it missed out on the Eve-and-her-serpent element that helps make the original track work.

We should’ve known Blige couldn’t go long without her own Mr. Wrong — in this case, the ladies’ man recently not-so-sonned by conscious rappers everywhere (or at least Common). Yes, we’re talking about Aubrey Drake Graham. The Take Care rapper-singer turns up, remarkably not wearing a ridiculous sweater, in the opening seconds of a revamped “Mr. Wrong” video that recently hit Nah Right. It’s Drake’s puppy-dog-eyed manipulator routine that keeps Blige’s powerfully wounded vocals grounded in reality: She may fall in love with the wrong guys, but she does it for good reasons. Just not the right ones.

The rest of the video looks little changed from its precursor. More stripper pole, more synchronized dancing, more color-changing lighting. And the song, of course, remains the same (this ain’t no remix). Glad to see Mr. Wrong was able to take a little time out from living it up in San Francisco to check back in on his Missus. Wait, wasn’t he supposed to be married to Nicki Minaj?