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Steven Tyler Still Most Quotable Member of Aerosmith


Steven Tyler has long been Aerosmith’s mouthpiece for extremely obvious reasons. However today he has a little friendly competition in the amusing quote department from guitarist Joe Perry, who defended his longtime bandmate’s squawky rendition of the National Anthem in an interview with Canada’s National Post (via Blabbermouth). “That song is a bitch,” Perry said. “They should just get one guy, like an opera singer, who delivers the song exactly the same way when you see the American flag or the Canadian flag, so no one messes with it. Why can’t somebody interpret it the way that they want?”

That’s not exactly on the same level as some of Tyler’s best gems — remember, when he slipped offstage and broke his shoulder in 2009 he issued a statement reading, “I was doing the Tyler shuffle and then I zigged when I should have zagged … AND I slipped, and as I live on the edge … I fell off the edge!” In fact, the Internet has enjoyed Tyler’s quips so much, he’s essential become a LOLcat. Last year, the Seattle Weekly compiled a list of WTF quotes from the eleventh chapter of his memoir alone, which someone then paired with photos of babies in wigs. The Cheezburger network (home of the LOLcat) has a whole meme devoted to real and fake things Steven Tyler looks like. The list includes the Pokémon Gyrados, Courtney Love, and a shrunken apple head. When somebody compares Joe Perry to a dehydrated piece of fruit and/or Jar Jar Binks, he shall know he has truly arrived.

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