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Perry Farrell Has Become Stefon


Did Perry Farrell morph into Saturday Night Live‘s lovably eccentric nightlife correspondent Stefon overnight, or was a slow evolution over the past decade? Jane’s Addiction will be premiering a new video for The Great Escape Artist‘s “Underground” today on Vevo in a few hours (we’ll add it here when it’s live It’s live!). And this is how Farrell has described the clip:

“There are Siamese Gargoyles, séances, card games and a man in a white fedora who was also on the cover of In Through the Out Door.” Somebody please tell us John Mulaney wrote that. John, we’re here, call us.

Also notable: The “explicit” version of the “Underground” video will premiere on Friday. Explicit, you ask? “People get made love to and murdered in the backrooms while the band plays on,” Perry explains. (Well, of course they do.) Farrell’s Twitter feed has been slightly less sexy the last few days as he’s been posting about his recovery from a double hernia operation. “I am acting brave, showing my family how we deal with pain, inspired to perform again for my friends.” Farrell’s groin better recover soon because the band’s Theatre of the Escapists tour starts February 22 and the singer says, “Expect an orgy of musical and visual delights. We like orgies, and hope you do too.”