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Machine Gun Kelly and Cory Gunz Arrested in the Same Weekend


It was a rough weekend to be a rapper named after a firearm: Not one but two MCs, Machine Gun Kelly and Cory Gunz, were arrested on totally unrelated charges.

Kelly, who was just arrested back in August, was jammed up again, this time in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he performed at State Theatre,for misdemeanor disorderly conduct, no doubt corresponding to his “Lace the Fuck Up” flash-mob fan “movement.” After paying a whopping $100 bond, the Cleveland rapper was released the next morning, at which time he promptly tweeted about the experience, saying he was shocked that his cellmates in lockup recognized him. (Modest!)

Cory Gunz wasn’t so lucky: his father,rap vet Peter Gunz, told MTV this weekend that the Young Money rapper was apprehended Saturday afternoon by Bronx, New York police, who were apparently tipped off by a phone call to the precinct. Peter said that an “illegal search” led police to a loaded gun in his son’s bag. It’s apparently his first offense, but as Mr. Gunz, Sr. said, “In New York, it’s mandatory jail time.” The minimum punishment for criminal possession of a loaded firearm is three and a half years’ prison time — that’s 350 precent longer than the time served by Weezy, the head of Gunz’s label.

“This was a big mistake on my part,” Gunz told the Daily News. “I didn’t have any intentions of harming anyone or committing a criminal activity. So many young people look up to me and I need to fight though this.”