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John Mayer Scrubs Tumblr After ‘Retro’ Photo Posts

Mass deletion comes a little more than a year after 'Daughters' singer-guitarist quit Twitter

“I’m never speaking up again,” John Mayer sings in one of his earliest songs, the increasingly appropriately titled “My Stupid Mouth,” first released in 1999. And then, after a brief pause, he adds, “…Starting now.” That’s becoming the story of the multi-platinum singer-songwriter’s career, as now, slightly more than a year after quitting Twitter, the the man who once described Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm” has deleted all the posts from his Tumblr blog.

Here’s what we know. Early this morning, Mayer made a couple of posts mocking the recent vogue for making new photographs look old. First, at 5:57 a.m. ET, he shared a worked-up version of National Geographic’s iconic “Afghan Girl” photo. “I thought this picture lacked ‘oomph’ so I ran it through Instagram and now it’s fixed,” he wrote. It has an old vintage look that I personally find more appealing.” Then, at 6:12 a.m., he posted an artificially aged version of the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover, accompanied by a single word: “retro.” Within a few hours, these posts — and every other post Mayer had made in nearly two years using the blogging service — was gone.

To be sure, Mayer has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. In September 2010, the mellow Continuum rocker unceremoniously removed his Twitter account after building up 3.7 million followers. The move came several months after Mayer’s extremely ill-advised use of the “n-word” in a bawdy, willfully provocative Playboy interview. In 2008, Mayer deleted his blog, even though TIME magazine had singled it out for praise in naming him one of its “TIME 100.” His original page (an early precursor to MySpace and Bandcamp) is long gone, too, unless you know your way around, but presumably that one’s not Mayer’s fault.

A follow-up to Mayer’s 2009 Battle Studies had been expected last year. Reportedly titled Born and Raised, the album still has no official release date after Mayer announced this past September that it would be delayed pending surgery on his vocal cords. The notorious dater of celebrities and perennial Perez Hilton hate target (so you know Mayer must be doing something right?) joins Adele, Keith Urban, and R. Kelly among singers recently undergoing throat surgery. No word on whether he can actually speak again yet.