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Jay-Z Drops ‘Glory’ Featuring Baby Blue, Nuggets of Parental Knowledge


That was quick: Jay-Z has already dropped a track featuring his one-day-old baby, Blue Ivy. Check out “Glory” featuring B.I.C. (that’s Blue Ivy Carter) at Jay’s Life + Times site and listen closely for those little gifted baby cries. Jay spouts all sorts of fatherly sentiment on the track, which is appropriate, because he’s actually been showing off nuggets of parental philosophy for some time now. Sure, some of it was addressed to a baby boy, but the lessons still apply. Eat your heart out, Cosby.

1. “Meet the Parents” from The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse (2002)
Described in Hov’s sort-of memoir Decoded as “a song about the gift and the curse that lies at the heart of the parent-child relationship,” “Meet the Parents” shows that the man knows — as does any parent of a teenager — that children can be fickle. “First they love me / Then they hate me / Then they love me again.”

2. “Beach Chair” from Kingdom Come (2006)
On this Chris Martin-abetted track, Jay-Z lets Blue know that her pedigree could lead to some problems: “See, I got demons in my past / So I got daughters on the way / If the prophecy’s correct than the child shall have to pay.” Oh, and regarding that payment, Jay’s got Blue covered: “My last will and testament / I leave my heir / My share of Roc-A-Fella records / and a shiny new beach chair.” It’s probably an Eames.

3. “History” from Music Inspired by the Film More Than a Game
From the soundtrack to a documentary about LeBron James’ high school basketball days, “History” finds Jay-Z optimistic (to say the least) about the legacy he’ll leave for his child, and in so doing re-positioning a common speech disorder as a symbol of triumph! “Now history is mine / It taste so sweet / We’ll have a baby who stutters repeatedly / We’ll name him History / he’ll repeat after me.” No pressure, Blue.

4. “New Day,” from Watch the Throne (2011)
First a pre-natal apology — letting Blue know that she might have it tougher than some other kids. “Sorry, junior / I already ruined ya / Cause you ain’t even alive / Paparazzi pursuin’ ya.” Then there’s those demons again: “Sins of a father / Make your life ten times harder.” But fear not, baby Blue, there’s a positive side! “Bondin’ on charters / All the shit that I never did / Teach ya good values / So you cherish it.” And, crucially, “At 13 we’ll have our first drink together!” L’chaim!

5. “Made it in America” from Watch the Throne (2011)
As if you needed a reminder, Blue’s existence benefits us all. Jay-Z isn’t just trying to build a better life for his progeny, but for everyone. “Built a republic / That still stands / I’m trying to build a nation to leave to my little man / Or daughter.”