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Jack White’s Latest Musical Partner: Tom Jones


It’s not that unusual. Last year Jack White locked down a string of high-profile musical collaborations, and he has evidently chosen his next unlikely partner: Welsh crooner Tom Jones. Consequence of Sound points to a password-only report from Mojo Magazine revealing Jones will participate in Third Man Records’ Blue Series of 7-inch singles, whose previous contributors include not only Insane Clown Posse, but also Stephen Colbert and John C. Reilly. Picturing White, with his monochromatic fashion sense, sitting in his Nashville studio across from the oft-unbuttoned-silk-shirted Jones is worth a thousand words.

Jones’ photo has yet to be added to the Third Man roster, but the singer’s offering will reportedly consist of a cover of Howling Wolf’s “Evil” along with a version of “Jezebel,” from his own 2002 album Mr. Jones. White is quoted as saying that “he impressed everybody.” While Jones and White may seem like strange bedfellows, the leather-clad, hip-swiveling veteran has collaborated with roots-rock icons before. In 1969, Jones teamed up with Janis Joplin for a performance of her song “Raise Your Hand”:

In a more predictable pairing, White also told Mojo he has inked an agreement to reissue some of blues label Document Records’ recordings on high-quality vinyl. The Volume 1 compilation will reportedly kick off the partnership early this year, with tracks from blues pioneers like Charlie Patton and Blind Willie McTell. Still: If Lou Reed’s next choice of collaborator turns out to be Bobby Sherman, we’re totally calling shenanigans.