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How I Could Just Skrill a Man: Hear Cypress Hill Go Dubstep With Rusko


After Cypress Hill lit up (pun intended, clearly) Los Angeles with their special appearance during a 2011 show by dubstep kingpin Rusko, it seems that the ever-blunted hip-hop pioneers might be going full wobble. Spring 2012 sees the release of the upcoming EP Cypress Hill X Rusko, a full-on collabo between the phunky feel ones and the wubby squeal one. The five-track EP merges their tireless championing of sticky icky icky with the beatmaker’s chest-caving party anthems; the artists having worked together in both the studio and over email, much like the Potsal Service [sic].

Our exclusive first taste “Roll It, Light It” is a surprisingly caffeinated ode to their favorite depressant; B-Real and Sen Dog throwing a full-on, bounce-a-riffic green party at a neck-breaking 140 bpm while Rusko provides the lighter. The EP comes in early April, hot on the heels of Rusko’s own solo album, Songs, due March 27. Now get in the pit and try to wub someone…