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Hear Sleigh Bells’ Favorite New Track: ‘Comeback Kid’


Right at the tail end of 2011, Sleigh Bells shared “Born to Lose,” the first single from their upcoming new album Reign of Terror. Today, the Brooklyn duo have released another track, the perfectly poppy, devastatingly heavy “Comeback Kid.” According to Pitchfork, if you pre-order the LP on iTunes, you’ll get a download of “Comeback Kid” right away.

“To me, the ‘Comeback Kid’ melodies are straight R&B,” says singer Alexis Krauss about the song, which finds her voice deployed in a clearer, less aggressive, and more radio-friendly fashion than was generally the case on 2010’s Treats. “But we don’t do the melodies with an R&B affect,” she continues, “and we don’t do them the way a traditional pop group would do them.” Which is to say that Sleigh Bells surround these softer sounds with pulverizing hair-metal guitars and diamond-hard beats.

“It’s by far my favorite track [on the new record],” says guitarist-producer Derek Miller. “Alexis smashed it with her vocal.”

Yes, she did. Give a listen. Hear the rest of Reign when it’s released on February 21.

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