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Don’t Hold Your Breath for a New Neil Young Album

Another disc with Crazy Horse may take a few years. Like 10.

Last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Neil Young, there to promote his Journeys concert movie, said he was recording a new album with his old pals in Crazy Horse. The band’s drummer, Ralph Molina, replied “Yes” on his Facebook wall in response to queries about whether or not the news was true. The album would be Neil’s first with his longtime, and arguably best, collaborators since 2003’s Greendale. But I have some advice for you, oh devoted fans of Neil. It might be a while before we hear the fruits of this particular labor.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but Neil Young fan-sites have entire pages devoted to their hero’s shelved releases. If anyone out there has a copy of Homegrown, which was supposed to come out back in 1975, lemme know. Same goes for Toast, a Crazy Horse joint that’s been rumored since 2008. Even if this recently recorded music does come out, there’s no guarantee it’ll be anytime soon. Chrome Dreams was set to come out in 1977. A wholly different collection called Chrome Dreams II hit stores in 2007. I became a man over the decade-plus it finally took for the first volume of Archives to see sunlight.

That said, I really, really want to hear Neil Young & Crazy Horse again, especially on tour. The one time I did, back in 2003, I got too high, too fast, and was totally burnt out before they played “Like a Hurricane.” I’ve since learned to be patient, which, when Neil Young is involved, is a good thing to be.