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You Are Now Watching the Throne Do ‘Paris’ Nine Times a Night


Who gon’ stop them, huh? ‘Cause if nobody steps up to do the job, there’s a distinct chance Jay-Z and Kanye West will be performing nothing but current Watch the Throne hit “Niggas in Paris” until they’re rapping wherever ultra-rich people get to live instead of a nursing home.

According to Rap Radar and the fan video below, the Throne duo played the song nine times in a row last night at the end of their second show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Nine times! At the album version’s three-minute, 40-second length, that’s more than a half hour of nothing but a song you’ve already heard a million times — that’d be, like, well on your way to two full episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix! “A glorious occasion … a record-setting evening … it’s so magnificent,” raved the proud multimillionaires from the stage.

As LA Weekly notes, Hova and Yeezy have been performing “Niggas in Paris” an escalating number of times as they criss-cross the nation — though not, oddly, on the first night of the tour, in Atlanta (read our live review here). Last night was “the record” so far, but how long can Jay-Z and West — or their fans — keep on going like this? We suffer for fashion or whatever (nobody knows what it means, but we guess it’s provocative?):