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Watch New Videos From Taylor Swift, Loutallica, Deer Tick, and B.o.B


On November 1, Lou Reed and Metallica finally unleashed their much-discussed collaborative album, Lulu. Has it created “another planetary system” yet? Hard to say, but the critically divisive record has led to a previously revealed team-up with Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler). Rather go with “Iced Honey,” as originally planned, Aronofsky has directed a video for “The View,” the song that turned a lot of people — and at least one cat! — against Lulu in the first place. “I ammm-uhhh,” James Hetfield growls a lot, to blurry black-and-white visual accompaniment. “It’s so original and that’s why I wanted to work on it,” Aronofsky says of the song, according to IFC. “Bravo! Encore! Brilliant!” Reed enthuses at the end of the video.

In warmer, fuzzier news, Taylor Swift has released a video for happy-in-love ballad “Ours,” a bonus track from 2010’s more typically heartbroken Speak Now. “I love the gap between your teeth,” Swift sings, as the video shows her going through the workaday world looking back on what appears to be a lost love (Friday Night Lights‘ Zach Gilford). We won’t spoil the rest of the clip, but suffice it to say it ends with a touching Hallmark moment. A sweet little acoustic pop ditty gets the refreshingly down-to-earth video it deserves (via MTV).

SPIN recently unveiled a pair of Deer Tick live videos from their latest album Divine Providence, which finds the Rhode Island roots-rockers moving into punkier territory. As MTV Hive points out, they’ve now released a proper video for the studio version of “Main Street,” which puts the ol’ “Be My Baby” beat beneath gravel-gargling vocals that bely the group’s Deervana alter ego. The self-mocking clip involves fireworks and graffiti, so it would be hard for it to go wrong. “I can’t hear, I can’t use my ears,” frontman John McCauley sings, a bit redundantly.

Last and arguably least, B.o.B reminds college students of the world that Wiz Khalifa isn’t the only rapper who likes weed in the video for Strange Clouds,” a dubsteppy collaboration with Lil Wayne. The two rap outside, among what appear to weeds, beneath a night sky filled with, hey, strange clouds. T.I. shows up to pat his fellow Atlanta rapper on the shoulders. Nobody looks or sounds like he’s trying very hard. B.o.B. is expected to release a follow-up to last year’s massive The Adventures of Bobby Ray in the coming year.