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Hear TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek’s Beat-Crazed Florence Remix


With little fanfare, Los Angeles transplant David Andrew Sitek has chalked up yet another enviable year. No, he didn’t work with Scarlett Johansson this time around, but he did produce one critically acclaimed album (his New York-based band TV on the Radio’s Nine Types of Light), play on another by alternative-rock gods (Jane’s Addiction’s The Great Escape), and turn in a beat-driven remix of one of the year’s best songs (Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”.). His latest handiwork is a bass- and beat-crazed reworking of Florence and the Machine’s ecstatically anguished “No Light, No Light” (via Fact).

Sitek brings bustling electronic percussion and his usual sense of moody, vaguely futuristic atmosphere to the Ceremonials cut. “You are the revelation,” Florence Welch booms — this track isn’t, exactly, but as with the U.K. singer’s covers of Annie Lennox and Amy Winehouse the other night, it’s one more enlightening perspective on one of the year’s stronger voices.