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Animal Collective Recording ‘Merriweather’ Follow-Up in January


Avey Tare’s Down Under and Panda Bear’s Tomboy, as well as the weirdo film ODDSAC, has distracted us all from the fact that it’s been three years since Animal Collective have released a follow-up to their much-loved Merriweather Post Pavilion. But it won’t be too much longer before the band returns with a whole new batch of tracks about adobe slats and lions in comas and opening up your throat.

According to Tare, the band recently met up in their hometown Baltimore — the metropolitan closest to the Merriweather Post Pavilion — to start work on their MPP follow-up. “We just finished another two weeks of writing sessions and put together five new songs,” Tare told (via Pitchfork). “We’re really excited about this record… and it’s been really fun jamming with those guys again.” With the studio time booked, Animal Collective, with Josh “Deakin” Gibbs likely back in tow, will begin recording for real this January.

AC diehards might already be familiar with a handful of the band’s new tracks: When Animal Collective last played together in July, they unveiled a bundle of new songs, including ones tentatively titled “Change,” “Knock You Down,” and “Long Long Time Ago.” Check out some of those tunes in their embryonic form below: