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50 Cent Quickly Found 120,000 Fans to ‘Like’ His ‘Big 10′ Mixtape

After Fiddy held his mixtape hostage on Facebook, his fans either acted fast or the rapper just got tired of waiting

Usually when a rapper unleashes a new mixtape, they simply hand it to DatPiff to distribute, or they post the Hulkshare link themselves. It’s a painless process, you click a button, and the mixtape magically appears on your desktop. However, in order to download 50 Cent’s entire new The Big 10 mixtape, 120,000 people must click something: the “Like” button on Facebook. Never one to do things the easy way, Fiddy decided to hold his new mixtape hostage in exchange for Facebook fandom. For instance, before you can hear the opening “Intro Skit – Body On It” (a skit for chrissakes!), 10,000 Facebook users must first “like” the track, even though no one has any idea whether it’s even good enough to like.

When we first started this story, the mixtape’s tracks tallied a whole 1,573 “likes” on each song, which meant fans were a long way from hearing The Big 10 (the closing “Outro Skit” required 120,000 clicks before it unlocked). However, we refreshed the page minutes later, and all of the songs were unlocked — 50’s Facebook army of 18 million fans and his 5 million-plus followers on Twitter freed the songs. Or maybe 50 Cent just got frustrated waiting around, because he quickly tweeted “Fuck that I want yall to hear it now” and the mixtape went live.

The Big 10 is 50’s first mixtape since July 2009’s Forever King, and the first collection of Fiddy rhymes since his November 2009 album Before I Self-Destruct. The Big 10 features cameos by Tony Yayo, Kidd Kidd, and Paris, and DJ Khalil even stops by to produce one track called “Shootin’ Guns.” Download it for free over at Facebook or This Is 50.