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Watch Bjork’s Electrified ‘Thunderbolt’ Video


With Biophilia, Björk’s eighth studio album, the Icelandic auteur is expanding the limits of the traditional LP, releasing 10 songs via an iPad app that combines music with science and technology (read a Q&A where she explains the idea here!). She’s currently recreating Biophilia in the flesh with concert residencies around the globe and her new music video for “Thunderbolt,” filmed during one of her recent sets, shows just how over-the-top the Biophilia concept is.

With the experimental LP, Bjork hopes to teach listeners about different natural entities — “Moon,” “Virus,” “Solstice,” “Crystalline” — and “Thunderbolt” resembles a children’s science center come alive. Björk looks like she was electrocuted, sporting a frizzy, burnt-red Afro as she steers a stage full of musicians through the dark electronic romp, which explores the singer’s relationship to the natural phenomenon. Meanwhile, onstage, small lightning machines fire bolts in time with the rhythm.

Before you head over to Boing Boing to check out the vid, please heed Bjök’s personal instructions: “Please, please do me a favor,” she writes. “Use headphones or proper speakers when you listen.” Björk the audiophile! We approve.