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Stanley from ‘The Office’ Stars in Surreal Music Video


What a confusing week for fans of NBC’s The Office. First, it was announced that the show’s troubled paper company, Dunder Mifflin, is becoming a real brand of high-priced paper. As if the reverse product placement wasn’t meta enough, Leslie David Baker, better known as the series’ famously nonplussed salesman Stanley, has a new video in which he trades in his character’s favored crosswords for cavorting with scantily clad young women.

The Auto-Tuned electro banger “2 Be Simple” finds Baker bragging, “I want it to be simple / I want it to be free/ I want it to be simple/ Put your hands all over me” while shimming around in a robe and jammies. Basically, this is one of the more surreal viewing experiences you’ll have all day. Has the mockumentary concept reached some bizarre new evolutionary state, A.V. Club)? Let’s hope so, because the song is absolutely dreadful.

Lest you forget, Creed Bratton, who plays “Creed Bratton” on The Office, is still the most accomplished musician in the cast. He was a member of the ’60s folk act the Grass Roots and released a series of solo albums, most recently 2010’s Bounce Back.