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Rivers Cuomo Empties His Vaults for ‘Pinkerton Diaries’


Rivers Cuomo was going through a lot when he wrote Pinkerton, the album he later sort of disowned, then re-owned on tour. He’s hinted at his emotional turmoil in song and interviews, but now he’s essentially laying down on the psychiatrist’s couch and opening up for all of us — by releasing The Pinkerton Diaries “a collection of my journals, emails, letters, photos, and school papers” from 1994 to 1997 on December 12.

According to Cuomo’s website, $75 gets you 237 pages of angst wrapped in three-pound cloth binding. The set comes with Alone III, the third in the Weezer frontman’s series of solo albums. The 26-song disc includes demos, six songs labeled “The Suite From the Black Hole,” and seven songs in a cycle called “Fulton Avenue Suite.”

Rivers’ site promises the listening/reading experience will be an “intimate ride” tracing Cuomo’s shift from fledgling rock star to official rock star to Harvard undergrad. “Rivers’ personal journals included in this book detail everything from the confusion and excitement of trying to figure out girls, to the physically and emotionally harrowing medical struggles he underwent for over a year to correct a congenital leg length discrepancy.”