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The Promise Ring Reunite for Two Shows, Rarities Compilation, and Way More, Probably


Milwaukee’s late-’90s band the Promise Ring were ahead of their time: They were emo before emo was wildly profitable, and they wrote a song called “Jersey Shore” back in 1999, when the Situation was just 22. But they’re right on pace with their fellow dearly departed indie acts in that they’re reforming just when demand to see them again is at a fever pitch.

Following last week’s tease of a new Twitter account, the band announced two shows in Milwaukee and Chicago for February 24th and 25th, respectively, presumably in advance of a larger onslaught to come, featuring the circa-Very Emergency lineup of singer-guitarist Davey von Bohlen (who tested the reunion waters with his previous band Cap N’ Jazz last year), guitarist Jason Gnewikow, bassist Scott Schoenbeck, and drummer Dan Didier. These will be their first shows since a one-off in Chicago in 2005, as von Bohlen has busied himself with Maritime in the interim.

And lending credence to that theory of further activity is the fact that a collection of Promise Ring rarities is slated for release in the summer, just in time for Lucrative Festival Season. Not that we’re speculating irresponsibly.