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Odd Future Offshoot The Internet Trip Out, Make Out in ‘Cocaine’ Video


Carnivals are the consummate date spot — and the absolute worst place to imbibe hallucinogenics, as the first video from Odd Future’s the Internet cautions. “Cocaine,” co-written by hirsute LA rapper SPEAK!, also portends what’s to come on the Internet’s debut album, coming by next year on Odd Future Records: super-glossy pop threads, heart-rending vocals, synths dipped in caramel to ease the trip. The key changes in “Cocaine” evoke a thread of the Neptunes — essentially the patron saints of Odd Future’s beatmakers — but Syd the Kyd’s voice, a unique wisp, right-turns the whole project, giving emotional depth to its airy triads. (For gravity, Left Brain’s earthquake of a verse gives away the song’s subtext, you know, if you couldn’t figure it out yourself.)

The Internet’s Syd and Matt Martians, best friends and roommates, have a laser-synced vision of their project, and further showcase the broad spectrum of talent that runs through the Odd Future bloodstream. It’s music with tracers, but obviously, you can also make out to it. Just check around for clowns before you lock lips. Also, brave Syd: First famous person in hip-hop to come out? The last person we can think of who hovered there is Queen Pen.

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