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Hear ‘Lakutis in the House’ By Das Racist Pal Lakutis

Upcoming mixtape, 'I'm in the Forest' due on Greedhead/Mishka

From the same bustling New York hip-hop fraternity that brought you Das Racist, Despot, Mr.Muthafuckin Exquire, and their Detroit pal Danny Brown comes mustachioed rhyme-ripper Lakutis. His upcoming mixtape, I’m in the Forest has more hip 2011 cosigns than Occupy Wall Street as it’s being co-released via Das Racist’s Greedhead imprint and fashion label Mishka on December 1. In short: You should probably be paying attention to this thing.

SPIN has the opening track, “Lakutis in the House,” which features a flow that should be easily embraced by fans of this breed of New York rap: suave smart-assery, demented assonance and ridiculous pop culture references (C.W. McCall, Bill Hader, Dune). But unlike his laid-back friends, Lakutis has a spasmodic energy all his own — think of him as the Jim Jones to Heems’ Cam’ron!

I’m in the Forest Track List:
1. “Lakutis in the House”
2. “Death Shark”
3. “Swann Gangg” ft. DVS
4. “I’m in the Forest”
5. “Ja Rule”
6. “I’m Better Than Everybody” ft. Kool A.D.
7. “Wifey” ft. Das Racist