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First Spin: Stream the New Blackout Beach Album From Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer


Fuck Death is the third Blackout Beach album from Carey Mercer, breathy frontman for indie-rock heroes Frog Eyes and Swan Lake and his first for art-indie hub Dead Oceans. Mercer says the album was “an attempt to make something about beauty and war,” inspired by seeing Platoon as a 10 year old and reading Chinese soldier poems as an adult (among a list of other things describes in great detail on the Dead Oceans site.>

However, we hear everything from the discomfort of Xiu Xiu, the gloom-joy harmonies of TV on the Radio, the itchy churn of Suicide, the vintage synths of Emeralds, and the apocalyptic horror of the Animals all in this shimmering, moody clusterbomb of “coward’s songs.” Some real terrifying, powerful stuff housed in these eight tracks, perfect for your Wednesday pick-me-down: