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Cubic Zirconia, ‘Follow Your Heart’ (Fool’s Gold)

The nu-disco subgenre has inspired plenty of dance outfits to indulge their eclectic inclinations, but rarely do you find a frontwoman with a voice as purely and powerfully soulful as Cubic Zirconia’s Tiombe Lockhart. Her sultry alto is complemented by guest vocalists Drop the Lime, Dam Funk, and Bilal on the group’s debut full-length, while sexually provocative lyrics about reckless love, one-night stands, and urban nightlife are mirrored by Nick Hook and Daud Sturdivant’s rowdy mix of funk, R&B, soul, boogie, bass, and house. Highlights include the light piano runs and bright trumpet of “Take Me High,” the sputtering bass that unfolds into acid-house rager “Follow Your Heart,” and the lovelorn pop ballad “Runnin’ In and Out of Love.”