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Caribou’s ATP Mix Debuts Fresh Junior Boys Music


Under the name Caribou, and before that as Manitoba, Dan Snaith has shown a mastery of many genres: shoegaze, IDM, krautrock, psych-pop, and even, on last year’s Swim, a luminous style of underwater disco not far removed from the chillwave mini-movement. Along with Les Savy Fav and Battles, the Ontario, Canada-based shape-shifter picked artists for the U.K. All Tomorrow’s Parties’ annual “Nightmare Before Christmas” festival, set for December 9 to December 11. Leading up to the event, Snaith has put together a 60-minute mix that draws the lines between his choices, who will perform on Day Three of the festival: The organic grooves of Toro Y Moi flow into the jazz of Pharoah Sanders and Sun Ra Orkestra, en route to the IDM of Four Tet and the seminal synth experiments of Silver Apples.

But the real treat is a chance to hear Caribou’s “synthapella remix” of Junior Boys’ “You’ll Improve Me,” from the Canadian electro-pop duo’s latest, It’s All True. Check it out below; the Junior Boys track comes just before the 20-minute mark, all rippling synth arpeggios and silky falsetto vocals. “Synthapella”? Do it, Caribou!