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WeekSauce: SPIN’s Friday Night Highlights


• Steven Tyler fell on his face, giving us the chance to muse on his continued battle with gravity (he’s losing!) and run down the list of durable rock stars who should probably be dead by now. The Aerosmith frontman has also been guilty of wearing his own band’s T-shirts from time to time, but we kept him out of our gallery of main offenders because he’d suffered enough.

• Chris Martin opened up about being the frontman of the biggest little band on the planet.

• SPIN premiered new music from Phantogram, the Twilight Singers, the Roots, Noel Gallagher and the Soft Moon. You’re welcome!

• We were on the front lines bringing you the best photos from New York’s CMJ Festival and Neil Young’s 25th Annual Bridge School Benefit.

• Matthew Sweet reminisced on “Girlfriend” as the power-pop jam turned two decades old in our new feature It Was 20 Years Ago…

• Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J reminisced on his favorite horrorcore anthems in honor of the one day a year nobody looks at the guys in ICP and does a double take.

• We found out what was on Steve Jobs’ iPod and that the Black Keys are far from done insulting the Black Eyed Peas.