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Watch Drake Nab a Big Nicki Minaj Assist on ‘SNL’


Ever notice how Drake tends to rap to some invisible object directly in front of him and to the right rather than say, the audience, the camera, or anything that might make eye contact with him? The Toronto MC was so in the zone during his two acting bits on Saturday Night Live this weekend — talking up his sweater game during “A Brief Interview With Drake” and rhyming about snatching kids’ Halloween candy during Weekend Update — his official turns at the mic seemed blah by comparison. (The cheeseball live band wasn’t helping.) He was nearly overshadowed by the screens flashing the lyrics to first track “Headlines,” and clearly played second fiddle during brand-new banger “Make Me Proud” once Nicki Minaj and her considerable assets arrived onstage. You can almost picture Drake backstage approving his Young Money colleague’s wardrobe (“Oh yeah, wear that, thanks!”).