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See Zooey Deschanel Sing Country Oldies on a Webcam


Bummed by the news that FOX has pushed back fresh episodes of The New Girl until November to make room for, y’know, the World Series? The sitcom’s star — and She & Him frontwoman Zooey Deschanel — has posted a new video of herself singing weepy country standard “The Wayward Wind” in front of a webcam. Accompanied by pre-recorded strings and backing vocals, Deschanel’s homespun rendition won’t exactly make anyone forget Patsy Cline, but it’s a solid vocal showcase in an unusually intimate setting. If the network won’t be beaming Deschanel’s kewpie visage into America’s living rooms, then at least she’s welcoming fans into her own Hello Giggles HQ. Hi, Ben Gibbard! Watch the clip below, via ONTD.

“The Wayward Wind” isn’t the singer/actress’s first foray into what her Hello Giggles website has labeled “videochat karaoke.” Back in July, Deschanel performed Cline’s signature “Crazy” (originally written by Willie Nelson) and, on ukulele with actor Ben Schwartz (a.k.a. Parks and Recreation goofball Jean-Ralphio) “Tonight You Belong to Me.” The two aren’t quite Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters, who also did this duet in classic 1979 film The Jerk, but if you can’t at least acknowledge their cuteness, please don’t offer to take care of my puppy.