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Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J Picks 11 Horrorcore Classics


4. Project Born ft. Insane Clown Posse – “Graveyard” (1995)

“It’s a classic. To be honest, we’re on the third verse, but it’s their song. They kind of strayed away from the wicked shit after their first release, they started getting more into gangster rap and what everyone else was doing. Now in their most recent records they’re going back to the wicked shit again, because that’s where most of their memorable shit came from. We’re still friends with them to this day.”

3. Blaze Ya Dead Homie – “Casket” (2001)

“His character is so awesome. A lot of time horrorcore is a lot like wrestling [laughs] we’ve all got gimmicks, and characters we use and portray the stories through them. It’s like Gene Simmons was the KISS demon. He actually looked like a demon, but he never wrote songs about actually being a demon, and that’s where we take it a step further. Blaze was a gangster who was killed in the late ’80s/early ’90s, and he’s got a clock around his neck because that was popular back then, but the clock has a bullet right in the middle of it. And now he’s back from the dead as a zombie. All his music is reminiscent of the gangster rap from the late ’80s/early ’90s, I’m talking N.W.A, I’m talking beats like Paris. Hard bounce-claps, Parliament samples and hard gangster shit. When he handed us this first batch of songs, it was there, and it was like a classic, you know? Blaze is one of the greats, man. He’s real tall and he gets on that stage with this deep, heavy voice, and he’s a zombie king, you know?”

2. Michael Jackson – “Thriller” (1982)

“Check it out. This man got Vincent Price on that shit, right? If Vincent Price were alive today, and if Twiztid or us were to get Vincent Price on a record, we’d be the shit for that. And yeah he did the family-friendly style and kind of corny, but then again it was 1982 when he did that fuckin’ song, you know what I mean? ‘Thriller,’ man. I mean, he’s got zombies dancing on that song. We’ve got songs exactly like that… the only difference is we’re cussing in that shit. But that was so ruthless at the time that he even put that thing at the beginning of it saying, ‘due to my strong beliefs, this is not what I believe in,’ and all that, you know? Was that the first wicked shit ever? Who knows, man! I remember being a little kid and I was scared. My kids are scared right now watching the video.”

1. Geto Boys – “Assassins” (1988)

“To my knowledge this is hands down the first horrorcore song. To my studies this is the first time anybody ever spit the wicked shit. You look at the Geto Boys now and you’ve got Willie D, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill. Well these Geto Boys who did ‘Assassins’ was the original Geto Boys. I think Bushwick was in the group, but it was two other guys. But brother, they had the album out and ‘Assassins’ was the only song on the record like that. Everything else was pretty much standard, what was going on at that time, but ‘Assassins’ came on ‘I heard the demon screaming as his body bled‘ and all that shit. Nobody, NOBODY was talking like that. Shit, this is even before NWA was even doing their thing. They came out with ‘Assassins,’ talking about chasing someone with a chainsaw, and ‘My father was a priest, cold-blooded he’s dead, hypocrite I caught him basin’ so I shot him in the head.’ Just the craziest shit, man! Whoever those two dudes are who wrote that shit with Bushwick, they have no idea what they pioneered. It all leads back, technically and officially, to the Geto Boys, and the song ‘Assassins.’ I was 15. It totally changed my life. It totally rocked my world. The feeling I had, I wanted other people to feel that through my music. I want them to stand back and be like, ‘Are they crazy? What are they like? Who could say that shit and then go home and be normal?’ All that shit. Just so cool, so awesome, man. I love the wicked shit. I love it, I love it, I love it!”