How Absurd Is Tyler, the Creator’s Latest Video?


Before performing “Bitch Suck Dick” to a rabid crowd in the stereotypically progressive city of Seattle last week, Tyler, the Creator felt it necessary to make a point. “I don’t actually punch girls,” he said, countering his best friend Jasper Dolphin’s petulant disclaimer in the recorded version of the song. “If there’s a rap song more ignorant than this one…” Then they launched into it. Teen girls in the front pumped their fists and screamed the chorus.

As an absurdist blueprint for willfully ignorant rap, “Bitch Suck Dick” has swept the game: Tyler, the Creator’s brag about pulling up to the mall on a “mothafuckin’ unicorn” humiliates Lambo-pushing ballers across the world, and it’s hard to think of a dumber lyric than the chorus (what does “my bitch suck dick like she suck dick” even mean?). The video, populated by plus-sized video girls and farmhouse furries, blows out the concept: If everything rappers do is super-major and swagged-out, why not brag about yoga mat body-rolls and naked beachside jogs?

The clip certainly takes the piss out of the song, particularly the universe-baiting verses by self-proclaimed not-rappers Jasper Dolphin and Taco Bennett — it’s worth noting the swipe on the BET logo is captioned “Niggas Embarrassing Themselves,” which is something like Odd Future’s version of social commentary. These dudes have been on a trolling streak lately (see: Tyler’s alter ego Young Nigga) and this video continues the theme. It’s unlikely the Odd Future threesome were thinking about actually harming any women; it mostly sounds like they’re trying to piss off some moms. That said, if you’re a woman at a frat party and someone puts this song on the stereo, it might be a good idea to call it a night.


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