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Hash Pipe: The 19 Funniest #freddurstsitcoms Tweets


This afternoon we picked up the story that one of the least-telegenic men in rock history, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, will be starring in his own CBS sitcom called Douchebag, possibly our favorite piece of self-conscious celebrity dartboard fodder since Pauly Shore is Dead. SPIN staffer Julie Kennedy was smart enough to imagineer the #freddurstsitcoms Twitter hashtag and, boy, did that thing take off. We were even an honest-to-blog trending topic for a little while, beating out enviable real estate that could have gone to “Happy Dessert Day.” We have a complicated relationship with Dursty — he was on our cover in 1999 — so it’s kind of like dating someone for a month and then talking shit about them for 10 years… which is essentially what Durst does every time he performs “Nookie,” so whatever.

Without further adieu, here are the 20 funniest #freddurstsitcoms that will be beating out CaliKornication on the TV in our mind….

@SteveKandell 2 Horribly Mistreated Girls #freddurstsitcoms

@1000TimesYes Aaron Lewis Can’t Lose #freddurstsitcoms

@jgeeeeer I Did It All For The @Sn00ki #FredDurstSitcoms

@alkalinexandy Two and Half Inches #freddurstsitcoms

@muudio How I Met Your Motherf***er #freddurstsitcoms

@steventsapelas Parks and Recreational Drugs #freddurstsitcoms

@JensenClan88 Puddle of Maude #freddurstsitcoms

@grantbru23 The Big Tool Theory #freddurstsitcoms

@MichaeltheG1 Mad About Seemingly Everything #freddurstsitcoms

@Charles_Aaron 21 Chump Street #freddurstsitcoms

@holdingcourtpod Family Matters Tour #FredDurstSitcoms

@zaccrain Welcome Back, Cracker #freddurstsitcoms

@thehuskyg Limp My Ride #freddurstsitcoms

@trevinsexyfield Break Shit, My Dad Says #freddurstsitcoms

@DP_Nation The Office I Clean #freddurstsitcoms

@SteveKandell Salute Your Jorts #freddurstsitcoms

@bradenrosner Borland Empire #freddurstsitcoms

@highstrecords My So-Called Career #freddurstsitcoms

@zaccrain Arrested Development #freddurstsitcoms