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First Spin: Listen to Puscifer’s ‘Conditions’ LP


Maynard James Keenan hit the studio tucked into his wine cellar hard this year and emerged with Conditions of My Parole, Puscifer’s second full studio album, which is available exclusively on a week before its official October 18th release.

“Musically, it’s like Twin Peaks in the desert,” Keenan tells SPIN of the LP, which was inspired by the vast, snake-infested outback surrounding his Northern Arizona vineyards. “You’ve got stories of ghosts and aliens, plus Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, vineyards, ranches, horses. It’s hostile territory: You’ve got scorpions, black widows, brown recluse, javelina, rattlesnakes… and hippies.”

With 16 musicians listed in the liner notes, Conditions of My Parole was made with the assistance of Puscifer’s biggest posse yet. New contributors include ex-Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodor, L.A. songwriter Juliette Commagere, ASHES dIVIDE drummer Jeff Friedl and bassist Matt McJunkins, and Bat for Lashes percussionist Sarah Jones. There’s even room for some cello plucks from Keenan’s son Devo.

Puscifer kick off their U.S. tour in November, and full details are available on the band’s Facebook page. We’re sorry, this is no longer available