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The Black Keys Want to Sell You a Van (and a New LP)


The Black Keys appear to be releasing a new album titled El Camino on December 6th, and they’ve delegated the announcement to Breaking Bad and Mr. Show actor Bob Odenkirk. In the brief yet hilarious tradition of Foo Fighters’ “Hot Buns” video, Odenkirk reveals the Ohio blues-rock duo’s upcoming seventh studio album in a wacky viral clip that parodies old used-car commercials. Check out the video below, and call 330-510-1206 to hear a recorded greeting from drummer Patrick Carney about the van that he and frontman Dan Auerbach are purportedly trying to sell; “It’s got some surface noise,” Carney acknowledges. For more funny, visit (which, full disclosure, was also posted as an ad on before we realized what it was!).

The follow-up to last year’s Brothers was recorded in Nashville with producer Danger Mouse. The new LP sounds different from its predecessor, Auerbach told us in July, listing the Clash and the Cramps as inspirations, along with old rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and garage rock records. “It doesn’t have that open soul feel to it,” he said at the time. “It’s way more driving and the tempos are really fast.” And, according to the video trailer, it was has 273,000 miles on it.