ALBUM PREMIERE: Evanescence’s Self-Titled Return


Evanescence’s Amy Lee drops a surprising F-bomb when discussing her band’s new album: “The record is FUN — and that’s a totally new thing for us, — she tells SPIN. How much fun? Find out for yourself with our exclusive stream of the self-titled LP right here, four days before it hits stores on October 11.

Lee also emphasizes how, despite her much publicized fallouts with ex-band members over the years, Evanescence is a truly collaborative effort: “Everyone being a part of this album, from the ground up, is an entirely new approach for us. There’s nobody that’s just coming in to play guitar. Everybody’s invested. We’re more truly a band now than ever before.”

With that in mind, we asked the other four members of Evanescence to talk about their favorite songs on the new album. And if you want to hear more from Amy herself, check out our latest interview, from SPIN’s October issue.

“It’s one of the most important songs on the record to me because it was one of the first written and it set a heavy direction for the rest of the record.”

“This song for me has all the elements of a band who know who they are, but aren’t afraid to push the envelope and take risks. This tune is my fave on the record because it’s heavy and uncompromising, but beautiful and epic at the same time.It really takes me on an emotional roller coaster.”

“It has a whole different feel without going too far away from what fans of the band would expect from us, while it opens the door for us to explore music that is more groove-based.I love the way the verse is subdued and almost has a reggae feel, and then opens up into a massive chorus. When we get to the bridge, it’s full on rock with a tinge of a metal. If we tried to write it with those parameters in mind it never would have happened. That’s why I love it!”

“It’s groovy, loud, and rockin’, and the subject matter hits home with me. It makes me think of, and miss someone that I’ve lost.”


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