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SPIN Mix for October: 15 Cool Songs to Hear Now


Every month, SPIN editors go to lots of shows and listen to untold amounts of advance CDs to uncover the best new tunes. Here are this month’s hottest tracks: Read about the songs below and use the player to hear them all.

Watch/Listen: SPIN’s Playlist for October

1. The Stepkids, “Wonderfox”
Get transported to a ’70s acid-dream sequence on a flying shag carpet of falsetto coos, starry harpsichord, and soul- slap bass. Spellbinding. (YouTube)

2. Gary Clark Jr., “Bright Lights”
The decade’s first new muh-fukkin’ bluesman roughs up the 12-bar, boasting about big-city bring-downs and slinging guitar mud onto the levee. (YouTube)

3. Feist, “How Come You Never Go There”
In her best bobo-Billie Holliday croak, the coffee- nation sensation blows a broken heart into a white puff of half-caff soul. (YouTube)

4. Hanni El Khatib, “Build. Destroy. Rebuild.”
L.A. garage rocker’s hot-rod guitars give heat to his howling proclamation: “Ain’t no future / In the youth.” There may be in him, though. (YouTube)

5. Youth Lagoon, “Cannons”
Shy Boise boy sings like he’s a wallflower in his own bedroom, as a Fender Rhodes twinkles and drum machine thuds. (YouTube)

6. A.A. Bondy, “The Heart Is Willing”
Organ chords open and close like sly irises and guitar notes bend into question marks as the haunted singer- songwriter’s flesh grows weak. (YouTube)

7. Balam Acab, “Oh, Why”
Wispy ripples of harp and cherubic voices gently harden into idyllic childhood nostalgia so beautiful that you actually start to believe it. (YouTube)

8.Chairlift, “Amanaemonesia”
A title like a disease and a chorus just as catchy. Caroline Polachek’s vocal swoops as if she’s singing from a Tron light cycle. (YouTube)

9. I Break Horses, “Winter Beats”
Clearly, the Ice Capades’ only hope of revival is adopting this slo-mo, synth-pop iron lotus as its theme song. (YouTube)

10. Danny Brown, “Monopoly”
Making Eminem sound like yacht rock, the screechy MC-fiend brazenly insults the bustedness of your girl’s toes. Come on, now! (YouTube)

11. Lemonade, “ThePlace Where You Belong”
Brooklyn indie-dance trio turn Shai’s R&B obscurity (from Beverly Hills Cop III!) into a balmy, burbling, even haunting cry for help. (YouTube)

12. Cass McCombs, “The Same Thing”
From his second album of 2011 — twitchier tempo, more roguish vocals, but just as masterfully modulated sense of ’70s soft-rock unease. (YouTube)

13. Stefano Noferini, “Fucking House Musik”
This longtime Italian dance-scene habitu�Ã,©? uncorks a relentlessly pistoning groove that allows for no second opinions. (YouTube)

14. MainAttrakionz, “Swaggin’ Hard”
Over a broken beat of what sounds like wind chimes and water jugs, the trippy Bay Area rappers free-associate about whatever just floated past their spaceship. (YouTube)

15. Mayer Hawthorne, “A Long Time”
The Detroit soul archivist croons a poignantly hopeful, lovingly specific ode to his hometown’s greatest legacy. (YouTube)