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Primus Green, ‘Naugahyde’ (Prawn Song/ATO)

The first Primus album in 11 years is missing practically everything that made them unlikely belles of the Headbangers Ball: the maddening 11/4 prog mutations, the heavy-metal muscle, the dissonant oddball skronk. Instead, Green Naugahyde is all rubbery, aggro Bootsy, picking up where 1999’s nü-metal-chasing Antipop left off. It suffers mostly because there’s hardly any of guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde’s atonal death-Zappa theatrics (here he’s mostly on Andy Summers downbeat duty). But bassist-frontman Les ?Claypool’s jam-wonk detours and drummer Jay Lane’s comically busy ?hi-hats ensure that the band’s goony cartoon-octopus funk abounds.