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More ‘Siamese’-Era Pumpkins Music Surfaces


Billy Corgan’s online record club is already proving to be a treasure trove for Smashing Pumpkins fans. Corgan launched the service recently by offering up an early version of Pumpkins’ 1992 track “Drown” and a two-track demo of “Geek U.S.A.”, both for the price of an e-mail address. Over the weekend, fan blog Hipsters United found another unreleased Siamese Dream-era take hidden on the Pumpkins website.

Titled “Barb Wire,” the rough track resembles little-known Smashing Pumpkins cut “Tulips” with the vocals submerged even lower in the mix. It’s one of the band’s heavier songs, with distorted guitar in the foreground even on the “Tulips” version. Here, the guitar sounds somewhat less heavily processed, with wailing mini-solos between verses. Check it out below.

Corgan, who announced the record club in an August 20 YouTube video, has promised “so much more free stuff” on the way. He has also said a new Smashing Pumpkins album, Oceania, will probably come out in November, and the band will debut new songs on a fall tour that starts October 5 in Los Angeles.

Hear It: Smashing Pumpkins, “Barb Wire”