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At Home with Lindsey Buckingham

The Fleetwood Mac star invites SPIN -- and our video cameras -- inside his Los Angeles bedroom.

As part of Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham wrote some of rock’n’roll’s most eternally beloved songs, and the bedroom in his Los Angeles home is packed with artifacts that have influenced his creative path over the years — which we discovered when we visited for our monthly “In My Room” feature. Watch video from Buckingham’s room below.

Among the treasures: a Martin D-18 acoustic guitar he bought at age 19 (“It’s gotten better and mellower with age…a bit like me”), a boogie board (“The sensibility of water is something I hope would enter my music”), and vinyl 45s by Elvis and Chuck Berry that sparked his interest in rock’n’roll.

Buckingham, 62, has traded in a tumultuous past for blissful domesticity (he’s married with three school-age children). But that doesn’t mean he’s taking it easy. His new solo effort, Seeds We Sow (Mind Kit), continues a rich tradition of adventurous songcraft driven by virtuosic guitar fingerpicking. The man also wrote, performed, produced, and released the album himself. “I’ll always have Fleetwood Mac,” he says, “but my solo work is where the growth and heart is. It’s where I live.”

Watch: In My Room with Lindsey Buckingham
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