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Fleet Foxes’ Pecknold Debuts Haunting New Song

The Seattle folk-rock troupe's frontman plays a solo acoustic version of "I Let You" during a two-night home stand.

Fleet Foxes just wrapped up a two-night homecoming stand at the Paramount in Seattle. At both shows singer-guitarist Robin Pecknold took to the stage alone with an acoustic guitar to perform a new song. According to 107.7 The End, it’s called “I Let You.” Watch videos of each night’s renditions below.

As The Seattle Times reports, Pecknold introduced the song with references to local all-ages venues in the city he recently said he wasleaving behind for Portland, OR. “Part of this song takes place at the Paradox, and part of it takes place at the Old Fire House,” he’s quoted as saying.

“I Let You” is a delicate, haunting folk-pop ballad, and true to its title, it works best if you let it patiently wash over you. As with much of the band’s gorgeous 2011 album Helplessness Blues, the dulcet tune and spare arrangement bring to mind the best work of Simon & Garfunkel decades earlier. Pecknold’s voice is as golden as ever, as he reflects about an old flame, backed only by his own somber finger-picking. The scene: an August night, “after the band had played.”

Fleet Foxes are in the midst of a U.S. tour that will last until October. In November, the harmony-loving folk-rockers will trek overseas to Europe, part of a jaunt that by January 2012 will bring the band to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

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Hear: Fleet Foxes: “I Let You” (September 6, 2011, 107.7 The End)

WATCH: Fleet Foxes, “I Let You”

WATCH: Fleet Foxes, “I Let You”