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Wilco Preview Fall Album in Behind-the-Scenes Clip


As they lead up to the September 27 release of The Whole Love, Wilco have posted a behind-the-scenes video of the making of their eighth album. Ever want to see guitarist Nels Cline shred like a maniac up close? Watch the clip here.

The Chicago rockers cut the disc in their Loft studio, and the trailer offers an insider’s view of their clubhouse. It also shows the group laying down the new tune “Art of Almost,” which shows the boys having an absolute blast tearing through the heavy, fuzzed-out track.

When SPIN caught up with frontman Jeff Tweedy to discuss the album, he said that tune in particular was inspired by Neil Young. “It’s a sort of atmospheric song you might hear on Tonight’s the Night,” he says. “I don’t know what happened to that song, to be honest. It just sort of morphed over time into something that’s a lot more interesting to us now.”

To get fans psyched for the The Whole Love, Wilco are offering up weekly giveaways for those who pre-order the album. Among the goodies: four tickets to any Wilco show (including passes to attend a soundcheck), a vinyl test pressing of the album, a collection of posters from the group’s Solid Sound Festival, and more. But the biggest score is fully restored vintage bicycle, which the group will deliver in person to the winner. More info on the giveaway is available here.

Watch It: Wilco Trailer for The Whole Love