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Hear Yelawolf’s Anthemic Single from Fall Album


When SPIN talked with Yelawolf about his September album Radioactive, the Alabama rapper promised hip-hop bangers that would sound great blasting in an arena. “I’ve got a few inspirational records, records for people to stay motivated,” he said. His first taste of the album, “Hard White (Up in the Club),” is due out August 8, but the song has leaked – and it’s a monster anthem punctuated by his impossibly quick flow (plus some rowdy chanting from Lil Jon). Hear it here (via NahRight).

Eminem signed Yelawolf to his Shady Records imprint, and it’s easy to see why: Yela has a fiery, acerbic tongue that’s eerily reminiscent of early Em tunes. Dude disses the “Tom Dick and Harry”s that troll V.I.P. clubs, and he honors his white trash Alabama roots, proving rap music can have as much to say about Southern life as classic rock acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd. “You’ll never see rock’n’roll do hip-hop like I did,” he boasts. Judging by “Hard White,” he’s right.

Hear It: Yelawolf, “Hard White (Up in the Club)”